The Evaman is the main character of this wiki. He is a coat and has the power of ice.

Evaman 001

Appearance Edit

Evaman is a green coat with a blue tic tac toe marking on his chest. He has legs that are the same color as himself, and his arms are tan and could stretch out really long. In early Evaman games, he did not appear to have a mouth. But now he does beginning in the game Evaman 2.

Personality Edit

Evaman is supposed to be scary, according to the creator, ChuckLaunching. In the new anime on Scratch, The Evaman, he is kind of like a spy. Evaman is funny, adventurous and outgoing. He really likes money, and spends it on expensive stuff. Evaman was supposed to be a creature wearing a coat, but it changed to just a coat at the last minute. He and Stickman are best buds.

Abilities Edit

Evaman is able to do many things according to the Super Team novels. These are some of them.

Ice Edit

Evaman is able to control and create ice:

Ice Smite.

Freeze Breath.

Snow Shower.

Snow Shield.

Freeze Mirror.

Ghost Edit

Evaman can also use ghost type moves.


Shadow Ball.

Dark Pulse.

Scary Face.

Mean Look.