Guock is another character in the Evaman Series. He has a sock head and a pumpkin body.

Appearence Edit

Guock's head is basically a sock. He has a smiley face like Stickman, and red lines. He has an orange body to represent the pumpkin, and his arms and legs are supposed to be sticks poking out of the pumpkin.

Personality Edit

Guock loves video games! He sometimes never gets off. He also has a scary side. Guock was made to entertain children at an arcade, but Quinn, his owner, decided to replace him with some animatronics. Guock also can be scared alot. Evaman loves to scare Guock, but Guock gets mad. Guock and Sparky are best friends.

Abilities Edit

2016-12-28 1150
Guock has many diverse abilities according to Chuck.

Electric Edit

Guock's Electric pumpkin body allows him this power.


Electro Ball.

Lightning Rage.

Thunder Cloud.

Super Shock.

Grass Edit

Since guock is part pumpkin, he has to have grass moves.

Twig Combat.

Leaf Storm.

Conceal Bush.

Vine Grow.

Chainsaw Tree.