Rent is a fortune teller that came alive. Rent can spit and acts like a llama. Rent is a main character.

Appearance Edit

Rent looks like a basic paper fortune teller with eyes. He is white, and has blue spit. Rent has black eyes, but sometimes it appears to be whitish.

Personality Edit

Rent is the joke person of Team Scary. Rent pulls pranks on everyone, and is tortured for that. Rent likes to interrupt people and spit on them. Rent is known as the "Spitting Fortune Teller" by his teammates.

Abilities Edit

Rent has many abilities because of his spitting powers.

Water Edit

Rent has many water type moves because of his spit.

Water Gun.

Water Pulse.

Hyper Spit.


Spit Shooter.

Dragon Edit

Rent can also use dragon moves.

Dragon Pulse.

Dragon Tooth.

Draco Meteor.

Hyper Beam.

Dragon Glide.