Rocky is one of the main characters of the Super Team. He is the master of power.

Appearance Edit

Rocky has gray fur and tufts of fur on his cheeks that are a lighter gray. Without his hat, he has three tufts of gray hair. He also has a dark gray circle around his left eye. He also has two dark gray spots on his back. In his uniform, he has an orange collar with a recycle sign on it. He also has a hat with the same symbol. In his pup pack, he has a claw, tape, ratchet, screwdriver, and glue. He also has light gray fur on the tips of his tail and feet. In his power form, his dark gray and light gray spots turn green and his eyes glow white. In his mega form, he has a green fin around his neck, gold skin, and a dark gray patch on his left eye.

Personality Edit

Rocky is fun loving and laid back at times. But most of the time, he is serious. Rocky has a soft spot for Skye, and is never serious around her.

Abilities Edit

Power Edit

Rocky is the master of power. He has so much abilities.



Power shield.

Mega Powerup.



Power spin.

Super Smite.

Backstory Edit

Rocky used to be from the Paw Patrol as you all know. But he does have a backstory but I do not know if this is 100% true.