Stickman is made of sticks. He was made when Tai built him and came alive from a Power Rock. He is best friends with Evaman.

Appearance Edit

As his name suggests, he is a man made of sticks. He has a white head with a black mouth and eyes.

Personality Edit

Stickman is a fun-loving character. He loves to pull pranks on his buds, and gets caught mostly. Stickman and Evaman are best friends. When he was created, he met Evaman and joined forces with him to join his team and fight the Super Team, but then became good.

Abilities Edit

Stickman is able to do many things according to the Super Team novels. These are some of them.

Nature Edit

Stickman can control nature, and could even grow berries on him!

Razor Vine.

Berry Blast..

Leaf Blade.

Plant Trap.

Tree Cannon.

Wood Edit

Stickman can also control wood, what he is made of.

Stick Whack.

Wood Fall.

Stick Dig.

Tree Hammer.

Stick Shield.